TSMC Kaohsiung Factory officially started construction and will be mass produced in 2024

Nov 21,2022

According to the Economic Daily, TSMC said recently that after land preparation, the Kaohsiung plant is now officially under construction and will be mass produced in 2024 as planned.

In the fourth quarter, the capacity utilization rate of TSMC's 7nm process was loosened. The construction of the 7nm plant in Kaohsiung was temporarily delayed, and the 28nm plant was still on schedule. The trend of TSMC's Kaohsiung plant has attracted much attention from all walks of life. Previously, Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, said that Kaohsiung had originally planned two factories, and the 7nm aspect would be slightly adjusted. Only a temporary delay would not change the process, and the 28nm aspect would be carried out as scheduled.

The news said that the TSMC 28 nanometer plant project had been awarded on Friday, and the construction was undertaken by the mutual construction company.

It is reported that TSMC 7nm and 6nm of the same family were originally the main manufacturing process, and the revenue accounted for 30% in the second quarter. However, in the second half of this year, customers were faced with inventory adjustment and urgent order cutting, resulting in a sharp decline in capacity utilization. TSMC was the first to loosen its advanced manufacturing process. Therefore, TSMC synchronously adjusted the capacity planning of Kaohsiung Plant, giving priority to the 28nm process.