Rebellions will mass produce AI chip ATOM early next year using Samsung 5nm technology

Nov 17,2023

Rebellions is a Korean AI fabless startup company that is preparing to use Samsung's 5nm Ultraviolet (EUV) process to mass-produce artificial intelligence (AI) chips specifically for data centers.

Sources have revealed that Rebellions has recently completed a contract with SEMIFIVE, one of Samsung's design solution partners (DSP), to use Samsung's 5nm AI chip ATOM for mass production, which will begin in early 2024.

ATOM is renowned for its industry-leading graphics processing unit (GPU) performance, which is up to 3.4 times more efficient than equivalent neural network processors (NPUs). Of particular note is the performance of ATOM in the Global Benchmark semiconductor chip performance competition, which is 1.4 to 3 times higher than competitors such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm, attracting great interest.

Earlier this year, Rebellions produced ATOM prototypes through Samsung's MPW (Multi Project Wafer Service), which can manufacture various types of semiconductors on a single wafer. These prototypes were provided to KT Cloud and IBM.

At the same time, Rebellions is strengthening its cooperation with Samsung Electronics to jointly develop the next generation chip Rebel specifically targeting the Large Language Model (LLM). Rebel will use the Samsung 4nm process with the goal of completing development in the second half of 2024.
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