The leaders of South Korea and the Netherlands meet to strengthen cooperation in the semiconductor industry

Nov 18,2022

According to Bloomberg, South Korean President Yin Xiyue and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte met and discussed how to strengthen economic security relations. The two sides sought cooperation in the chip industry.

In a joint statement after the summit held in Seoul on Thursday, the two leaders said that the two sides stressed the importance of further strengthening the existing cooperation between the semiconductor industries of the two countries, and expressed support for maintaining the flexibility of the industry's supply chain.

The statement did not mention China or the United States, nor did it mention any details of cooperation between chip manufacturers of the two countries in trying to deal with the Biden government's semiconductor regulation.

Previously, according to Nikkei News, ASML, a Dutch photolithographic giant, will set up a technology base in South Korea to improve the "remanufacturing" process of manufacturing equipment performance, and provide technical support to customer enterprises. The base will be located in Huacheng, about 40 kilometers south of Seoul, with a total investment of 240 billion won (181 million US dollars) and an area of 16,000 square meters.