TSMC's May revenue reached NT$185.705 billion, an annual increase of 65.3%

Jun 11,2022

TSMC’s financial report released on the 10th shows that the company’s revenue in May reached NT$185.705 billion, a monthly increase of 7.6% and an annual increase of 65.3%, setting a new record for monthly revenue; the cumulative revenue from January to May this year was about 8493.43 NT$100 million, an annual increase of 44.9%.

According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", TSMC estimates that its revenue in the second quarter will be US$17.6-18.2 billion, or about 506.88-524.16 billion in NT dollars.

Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, said that TSMC's revenue is expected to grow by about 30% this year. In terms of capital expenditure, it is estimated that this year will reach 40 billion to 44 billion US dollars, an increase of 33-46.5% compared with last year.

In addition, Liu Deyin pointed out that TSMC's capacity utilization rate this year is still quite full, but the world economy is also changing, and the demand in 2023 is not completely clear, and it is being discussed with customers.