Showa Denko is said to increase production in Taiwan and Japan, and expand semiconductor polishing liquid production by 20%

Aug 03,2022

Nikkei reported on the 2nd that Showa Denko Materials (Showa Denko Materials, formerly known as Hitachi Chemical), a subsidiary of Showa Denko, will invest about 20 billion yen to increase production in Taiwan and Japan. Production, the goal is to increase the production capacity of polishing liquid for semiconductor materials by about 20%. Due to the popularity of 5G smartphones, the requirements for semiconductor performance have increased, and the number of grindings required in manufacturing engineering has increased, pushing up the demand for polishing liquids.

Among them, the polishing liquid production capacity of the Taiwan base will be increased from January 2023. In addition to expanding the existing plant capacity, the Katsuta base of the Yamazaki Works in Japan will also plan to build a new plant, of which the existing plant to increase production will be located in It will be opened in 2024, and the new plant will be opened in 2025.

The report pointed out that the current reduction in smartphone and PC shipments has led to a slowdown in semiconductor demand, but with the improvement of semiconductor performance, the required number of grindings has also increased, driving the demand for polishing fluids to rise. According to Showa Denko Materials, since 2019, the CMP polishing liquid market has grown at a rate of more than 10% every year.