Samsung rumored to have scaled back smartphone production at Vietnam factory

Aug 04,2022

Samsung Electronics (Vietnam) Co Ltd has scaled back production at its large smartphone factory in Vietnam as retailers and warehouses grapple with rising inventories as global consumer spending slumps, employees said.

According to "Reuters", Samsung Electronics Vietnam factory employee Pham Thi Thuong said that we will only work three days a week, and some production lines will be adjusted from six days a week to four days a week. Of course, no overtime is required. .

It was previously reported that Samsung has nearly 50 million smartphones in the distributor's inventory, with the mid-range Galaxy A series accounting for the majority of the inventory. The company plans to ship about 270 million smartphones this year, and the 50 million smartphone inventory already accounts for 18%, yet the healthy level is below 10%, a figure that shows Samsung is suffering from sluggish smartphone demand.