Samsung enters the 0.56μm small pixel war and officially releases ISOCELL HP3

Jun 23,2022
Today, Samsung has officially released its smallest 200 megapixel image sensor: ISOCEL HP3. The sensor characterizes the smallest industry size of 0.56 µm pixels and optical format size of only 1/1.4 ".

Iscell HP3 uses Tetrapixel technology, similar to Chameleoncell technology, seen on HP1 before, and also supports full resolution, 50MP and 12.5MP reading specifications.

But unlike HP1, HP3 also supports what is called Super QPD focus technology by placing microlene on four pixels. Capable of detecting horizontal and vertical textures for 100% AF density.

In addition, according to official propaganda, HP3 can also support three-level conversion of high, medium and low, and can combine low indigenous ISO images with medium or tall domestic ISOs through Smart-Iso Pro technology, which can It came up with a high dynamic range of images with a maximum color depth of 14bit. .

In terms of the video, in addition to supporting video capture of 8K30FPS, HP3 also supports flawless dual HDR feature in 4K or FHD mode, ie image sensor can be transferred between the two SMART-ISO HDR modes and Stagged HDR.