Qualcomm officially acquires Cellwize to drive 5G RAN innovation

Jun 14,2022

Qualcomm announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Cellwize Wireless Technologies Pte. Ltd., an Israeli mobile network automation and management company, to further strengthen Qualcomm's leadership in driving innovation and adoption of 5G RAN.

Qualcomm pointed out that Cellwize, combined with Qualcomm's industry-leading 5G RAN solutions, is expected to bring leading RAN automation and management software solutions to accelerate intelligent network deployment by deploying 5G enterprise private and public networks, shortening network deployment time and simplifying network management. The evolution of the connected edge; programmable solutions that enable differentiated and customized application ecosystems (marketplaces) across multiple vertical industries; horizontal solutions that enable simple management of multi-vendor ecosystems of open virtual networks ; Flexible RAN architecture solutions (open RAN, virtual RAN and legacy RAN) and multi-generational support.

"Mobile operators and private companies around the world are deploying 5G networks across industries at an unprecedented rate to connect people and everything to the cloud," said Deja Ma, senior vice president and general manager of the cellular modem and infrastructure business at Qualcomm Technologies. "Cellwize is an industry leader. Qualcomm's advanced RAN automation technology enhances Qualcomm's ability to drive the development of modern 5G networks, thereby accelerating the global adoption of open RAN, cloud-based cellular infrastructure innovation and the deployment of 5G enterprise private networks."