Inventec plans to deploy smart factories and plans to set up 5G open labs in the second half of the year

Jul 25,2022

According to, Inventec, a Taiwan-based foundry, has introduced related applications in its Taoyuan server manufacturing plant in order to deploy the 5G smart factory field. In the first half of the year, it participated in O-RAN organization activities and completed the actual field of 5G smart factories. It is planned to conduct more 5GO-RAN application integration verification plans with the alliance supply chain through the layout of the 5G open laboratory in the second half of the year.

At the O-RAN Alliance 2022 Spring Plugfest Conference held at the end of last month, Inventec revealed the layout of the 5G smart factory for the first time, including industrial environment safety, quality yield, inspection and maintenance operations and errors in the Taoyuan server manufacturing plant. Excluding program performance, etc., the demonstration uses the 5G open architecture to greatly reduce the complexity of deployment and subsequent maintenance and operation costs to meet the needs of automated smart factories.

In recent years, Inventec has actively invested in the 5G private network market. In addition to developing its own brand base stations, it also plays the role of a system integrator, working with ecosystem partners such as Microsoft, Altran Group, Parametric Technology, Intel, Qualcomm, and MediaTek in IT, CT, OT cooperation in the field.