Google partners with SkyWater to develop open source design flow for 90nm node

Aug 01,2022

American wafer foundry company SkyWater recently announced that it has received $15 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop an open-source design process for its 90-nanometer process platform. SkyWater will cooperate with Google to advance this project.

SkyWater President and CEO Thomas Sonderman said the U.S. military funding and partnership with Google will pave the way for its 90nm process platform to connect with the open source community and enable commercial volume applications.

According to public information, SkyWater's SKY90-FD process solution originated from the transformation of scientific research results from the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company has cooperated with Google in 2020 and announced to open source its 130-nanometer process platform. Through this process called Open MPW Shuttle For the project, developers can use the open source PDK to submit chip designs, and Google will bear the cost of tape-out such as mask production.