Before TSMC! Samsung is rumored to start mass production of 3nm chips next week

Jun 24,2022

Samsung Electronics will officially start mass production of 3nm chips based on the GAA transistor structure next week, a schedule earlier than TSMC, which plans to mass produce 3nm chips in the second half of this year, making Samsung Electronics the world's first to achieve 3nm mass production. enterprise.

Until recently, there were concerns that Samsung Electronics would delay mass production of 3nm chips due to yield issues, according to BusinessKorea. However, Samsung Electronics denied such concerns, saying there was no production issue. It is reported that Samsung Electronics has secured enterprise customers for 3nm chips. The company believes that the mass production of 3nm chips will provide a strong impetus for its goal of becoming the world's first in system semiconductors.

Analysts believe that if Samsung Electronics starts mass production of 3nm chips, it can prove to corporate customers that Samsung Electronics is technologically ahead of TSMC, thereby consolidating its position in the foundry market. Samsung is determined to undermine TSMC's dominance in the foundry market with its advanced ultra-micro manufacturing technology.